Why Choose Premium Finance Associates?

Save lots of money!

Premium Finance Associates is an internet-based premium finance company that was designed to offer agents and brokers the best in service and technology via the Internet. Premium Finance Associates can finance premiums large and small. Industry leading technology has enabled us to offer you and your customers a point of sale billing option that requires less work for your staff. Information is readily available through our website for viewing as well as for quoting and printing finance agreements on line. Flexibility is a key asset offered by a premium finance company. As you browse through our site keep in mind that our main focus is to provide you leading edge tools to keep your agency or company profitable and efficient.

The Benefits of Using Premium Finance Associates:

  • Quote premium finance agreements through the Internet.
  • View account information over the Internet 24/7/365.
  • Seamless funding is available via electronic funds transfer (ACH).
  • Tie your interactive website to PremiumFinanceAssociates.com so the entire quoting and billing process can be completed for you and your customers on line.
  • Check by fax feature to prevent costly cancellations and rewrites.
  • Integrated quoting software with various vendors, including TAM from Applied Systems, which will eliminate duplicate data entry for your staff.
  • Premium Finance programs available for agents, brokers, MGA's and insurance companies.
  • Serving customers across the entire United States, except for the state of Texas, where we refer to another insurance finance company.
  • Pre-approved premium finance contracts up to $100,000.
  • Rolling Installment option for insured cash flow, competitive edge.
  • Debit Payment Option for clientele, will reduce likelihood of cancellation
  • Customer service with a smile, people motivated to help you.
  • Incentives paid monthly, not quarterly, and on a timely basis for qualifying agent/brokers.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable owner, someone highly motivated to earn your business.

Rolling Installment Option:

  • What is the rolling installment option?
    The Rolling Installment was created for the trucking industry but has practical use in the middle and small markets. It is not a new concept, but helpful in creating a better cash flow management program. When the insured is finished with their 8 or 9 installment premium finance contract, we continue to bill them their monthly installment until the end of their policy period. This enables them to build equity that is applied to their renewal, which eliminates the burdensome renewal down payment.
  • Creates a 12 payment renewal
    By eliminating the burden of a huge down payment in the renewal premium finance agreement, our premium finance company creates a predictable, budgetable payment plan. Most middle to small market insured's will benefit by this new concept that other premium finance companies don't offer.
  • Insured's are more likely to renew with your agency
    When an insured makes additional payments to create equity toward their renewal, they are more likely to renew with you. Just think, why would they make an effort to pay their rolling installment to renew with another agency? Your idea just helped them out of a cash flow jam, and they will remember that.
  • Differentiate your agency
    There are few, if any, premium finance companies that are offering this unique and needed payment plan to finance insurance premiums. Can you think of any insured's that would have a need for this payment plan? Do you think if you offered this, they would accept and appreciate the offer? We would be happy to discuss your questions and get you approved to do business with Premium Finance Associates so that you can begin to offer this much needed payment plan option.
  • Creative and Innovative
    How creative is your current premium finance provider? Are they hungry to get your business? Have you lost business due to the fact that they haven't stepped up to the plate to offer alternative pay plans? Does your agency feel that it is a privilege to do business with them? Premium Finance Associates is in the business to earn it and continue to provide new and innovative ideas in order to keep it. Fill out the new agent application and fax it in today and see what it is like to be treated fairly, honestly, and with integrity.
  • Cash Flow
    Many producers assume that their insured's have the money to cover large expenses. Premium financing helps companies manage their cash flow, but a premium finance down payment is a luxury that most small to middle start up companies, or veteran companies, simply don't have. Provide this option and your insured will be grateful you did.
  • Not for every insured
    This payment plan is not for every insured. Some companies have CFO's and risk managers that are paid to manage money and risk. Premium Finance Associates only offers solutions to agencies when the companies are in need of them.

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