Business Perpetuation Funding Available

October 7, 2014

Business Perpetuation Funding 

Premium Finance Associates and SpringTree Group are marketing to Accountants and Accounting Firms to offer Perpetuation Funding to businesses.  The average business owner is 59 years old and has not given much thought to perpetuating their business to successors.  The 30, 40 and 50 somethings generally do not have the liquidity to secure loans to purchase businesses between $500,000 - $10,000,000. 

The good news is, provided the buyer has a credit score of 680 or better without recent bankruptcies or short sales, we can provide a 10 year amortization, 6% APR with little or no prepayment penalties.  The process begins with a Loan Intake Form asking 17 bits of information for analysis.  Once qualified, we then request 2 years tax return, 2 years balance sheets and Profit & Loss statements as well as NDA and funding agreement.  Loans can generally be funding in 45 days or less. 

If interested, please contact us below:

Bill Friend, Principal

7603 First Place Dr., B-12

Cleveland, Oh. 44146

866.FRIEND.0 (374.3630)

866.839.3090 fax

216.225.4321 cell

**INSURANCE AGENT LOANS for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.  


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