Commission Advance

July 18, 2015


PFA - Premium Finance Associates now offers insurance agents a 12 month commission advance program.  Rather than wait for your insured to make their monthly payment, then receive commission, PFA can now advance from $5,000 - $2,000,000.  "Agents can now get 12 month advances in as soon as 48 hours," says Bill Friend, owner of Premium Finance.  "Our turnaround is incredible as agents can receive their money in as soon as 48 hours.  This has been a game changer for some agents who have needed money for emergency purposes."

In order for agents to apply, there is a one page application and 3 month most recent bank statements.  You can view on the website at  We typically offer a term sheet within 2-4 hours and fund as soon as the next business day.  Many agents use the advance for a number of reason including payroll. 

Many insurance agents refer their retail and commercial insureds to us for short term loans.  Most of their insureds need bond and audit premium financing since those premiums are fully earned.  The possibilities are endless as a quick infusion of cash can be a difference maker for certain agencies and businesses.  Contact us below for your free term sheet and get a loan this week!

Bill Friend, Principal 

7603 First Place Dr., B-12

Cleveland, OH. 44146

866.FRIEND.0 (374.3630)

866.839.3090 fax

216.225.4321 cell

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