Flood Premium - YES, We finance that !!

September 18, 2015


Premium Finance Associates now has the capability to finance "80% EARNED" and "FULLY EARNED FLOOD POLICIES."  Typically we offer 6-12 month financing with ZERO DOWN PAYMENT.  "We understand that your commercial property insured may not have the total premium available to pay in advance."

All we need is a short application and 3 months most recent bank statements to make sure they "cash flow."  You can visit our website to view and download the application and requirements.  Our minimum loan is $5,000.00 and maximum loan is $750,000.00 - http://www.premiumfinanceassociates.com/commercial-b2b

In addition, we offer standard premium financing with some of the most competitive rates in the industry.  Many of our agents also participate in our incentive programs.

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