Perpetuation Funding

November 25, 2014


As we market Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization funding directly to insurance agents, we also are marketing PERPETUATION FUNDING to financial planners for businesses.  The average business owner is 60 years old approaching retirement.  Very soon business owners are going to have to decide who is going to continue operating the company after they step down.  Inside management, family or outside interests are viable options, but do they have the cash readily available to purchase the company?  Probably not...

Typically the 30, 40 and 50 somethings usually do not have the net worth to buy a $5,000,000 company, let alone a $1,000,000 company.  Perpetuation Funding offers qualified buyers the capital necessary to finance the purchase of a company over a period of time.  As liquidity events happen throughout the loan term, prepayment penalty is not an issue.

Our platform of 12 lenders consist of National Banks and Private Equity Groups.  Our best terms are offered to the following prospects who meet the following criteria:

  1. 650 or better credit score.
  2. No bankruptcies or short sales.

We then ask for the following documentation for further underwriting:

  1. 3 years tax returns
  2. 3 years balance sheets
  3. 3 years Profit & Loss

Loans close within 45 days after receipt of the above documents.  We work with a combination of insurance principals, financial planners and business owners.  Please consider giving Perpetuation Funding a call today to help you finance your future.

Bill Friend, Principal
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Cleveland, Oh. 44146
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