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March 1, 2015


Premium finance companies are not all the same.  Most will not finance Assigned Risk policies while others want nothing to do with Work Comp policies.  Still other will not finance D&O policies due to various risks.  At Premium Finance Associates, we represent multiple premium finance companies and have them compete to EARN YOUR BUSINESS.  We take a consultative approach to match you with the best premium finance company based on the types of premium you finance. 

Some agencies have very unique books of business that require financing.  Some carriers may be non rated while the premium may have unique earning provisions.  Premium Finance Associates can finance AUDIT PREMIUM, BOND PREMIUM AND VARIOUS FULLY EARNED PREMIUM.  In many cases, these fully earned policies have ZERO down payment requirements with up to 12 month payment options.  When other premium finance companies say NO - we say YES.  Bill Friend, President at PFA, has over 20 years experience in Premium Financing.  Call PFA - TODAY - and find out how we can create a program to help your agency grow by offering attractive payment options for insurance premium.

Bill Friend, Principal 

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