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May 11, 2015



PFA - Premium Finance Associates first opened in June of 2002 due to the need to offer multiple financial services to the Mid Size and Small Size Agents.  By offering a variety of financial services in addition to premium financing, our business began to take off and has been growing ever since.  Here are a few of the services Insurance agents can expect from Premium Finance Associates and its affiliates:

·         Property & Casualty Insurance Premium Financing.

·         Life Insurance Premium Financing

·         Insurance Agency Loans for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.

·         Cash Flow Solutions for Commercial and Retail Business.

·         Income Sharing with Qualified Agents

We saw the need to offer Insurance Agency Loans for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.  The average insurance agent is over 60 years old and looking to retire soon.  IAL - Insurance Agent Loan offers financing options for employees or family members to finance the insurance agency over a period of time creating an affordable transition.  In addition, Capitalization Loans are great for agents who need to add staff or open additional offices in growth mode.

PFG - Premium Finance Group offer life insurance premium financing to High Net Worth Individuals and Companies to spread the cost of permanent life insurance over a period of years.  In some cases, PFG can offer a bond issue which can lower the cost of interest significantly when purchasing policies over 1M in annual premium. 

PFA - Premium Finance Associates also finances large down payments as well as Audit, Bond and Fully Earned Premium.  Our minimum is $10,000 and maximum $2,500,000.  We generally finance these over a 12 month period taking installments directly our of the insured's account.

Please call us if we can help solve your cash flow problems from the agency end to the insured end.  PFA works with many agents throughout the USA and references are available upon request.  Let us "EARN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY."

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**INSURANCE AGENT LOANS - BUSINESS LOANS for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.  

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