Premium Financing for Life Insurance Done Right

February 7, 2008

Life insurance policy financing has a right way and a wrong way. We promote the BEST way.

Life Insurance Premium Financing is one of the trending topics in the life insurance industry, and it is also one of the most controversial. In recent years, premium financing has become a valuable tool for individuals with high net worth to purchase the amount of life insurance they need. Doing so allows them to then execute strategies to transfer wealth.

Premium Finance Associates lets our clients with significant insurance needs finance their payments with little and sometimes zero out-of-pocket costs, without the need to liquidate high-yielding assets in order to make payments on a policy. This is done by using a combination of their  assets and life insurance policies as collateral.

Premium Financing Done the Right Way:

  • Is provided to high net worth individuals who need death benefit for wealth transference planning and federal estate tax.
  • Discoloses everything to the life insurance company who are partners, not hurdles to overcome in the process of financing.
  • Has NO upfront payments and has NO investors or strangers involved in the program.
  • Premium Finance Associates is approved with the most carriers for premium financing.
  • Gives NO ownership to the lender in the policy as long as the loan is paid off and the lender won't participate on the policy settlement.
  • The insured's intent is financing life insurance for death benefit needs, not selling the insurance policy to gain a profit.
  • Nationally recognized law firms provide legal opinions for every loan made by the lender on insurable interest and the loan structure.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact Bill Friend of Premium Finance Associates to see how you can benefit from life insurance premium financing.

Contact Info:
Bill Friend, Principal
PFA - Premium Finance Associates
866.FRIEND-0 (374.3630)

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