Zero Down Payment - Audit & Bond Premium Financing

June 12, 2015


Premium Finance Associates, LLC is finding ways to differentiate itself by offering game changing products. 

1.       Zero Down Payment - Zero down and 9 installments for 12 month non standard policies.

2.       Audit Premium Finance - 12 month payment plans for unsecured loans - zero down.

3.       Bond Premium Finance - 12 month payment plans for fully earned premium - zero down.

All commercial policies typically have 25% down payment due to the 25% minimum earned premium at inception.  The only exceptions are financially underwritten premium over 100,000 - pre approved high volume program business.  At Premium Finance, we will provide soft approval within  hours and funding within 48 hours for ZERO DOWN PAYMENT with 9-10 installments.

Audit Premium is the result of monies due upon review of operation.  As long as the premium is between $10,000 - $2,000,000, PFA can offer a 4-16 month payment option.  Our clients prefer 12 month options to keep them in line with their annual insurance premium.  Rates are mezzanine - but payment options are a much needed option for most businesses and the interest can be written off as a business expense.

Bond Premium is another expense that is paid in full at the time of binding.  PFA now offers a financing option - typically 12 months - with ZERO down payment.  Rates are a bit higher due to the fact that the loan in unsecured, but the interest charges can be written off as a business expense.  Soft approval and funding usually within 48 hours.

Contact us below to get a free no cost proposal to offer your insured. 

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